Ders Planı

Endüstri Mühendisliği (İngilizce)

Total Credits Required for Graduation :141 Average Credit Load Per Semester : 18


KoduDersÖn KoşulTeoriU SaatKrediAKTS
ENGR 101Introduction to Programming2235
ENGR 105Introduction to Engineering0212
LIFE 101Life Sciences I - Chemistry3035
MATH 103Calculus I - Differential3246
PHYS 103Physics I - Mechanics and Dynamics3246
PHYS 103LPhysics I - Lab0211
UNI 111Critical Reading and Writing in Turkish I3035


KoduDersÖn KoşulTeoriU SaatKrediAKTS
ENGR 100Computer Skills0012
ENGR 102Programming PracticeENGR 1012235
LIFE 102Life Sciences II - Biology3035
MATH 104Calculus II - IntegralMATH 1033246
PHYS 104Physics II - Electromagnetics and Modern Physics3246
PHYS 104LPhysics II - Lab0211
UNI 100Exploring Istanbul2235
UNI 112Critical Reading and Writing in Turkish II3035


KoduDersÖn KoşulTeoriU SaatKrediAKTS
ENGR 244Engineering MaterialsENGR 100, PHYS 1043035
ENGR 251Probability for EngineersMATH 104, ENGR 1052235
MATH 205Linear AlgebraMATH 1032235
UNI 123Textual Analysis and Effective Communication3035
--Core Course Elective----35
--General Elective----35


KoduDersÖn KoşulTeoriU SaatKrediAKTS
ENGR 246Manufacturing ProcessesENGR 2443035
ENGR 252Statistics for Engineerssuccessfully complete one of the courses (ENGR 251 or MGT 205)2235
IE 200Summer Practice0005
UNI 124Textual Analysis and Academic WritingUNI 1233035
--Core Course Elective----35
--General Elective----35
--Core Course Elective----35


KoduDersÖn KoşulTeoriU SaatKrediAKTS
IE 321Deterministic Models in ORMATH 2052235
IE 324Simulationsuccessfully complete one of the courses (ENGR 251 or MGT 205)2235
UNI 201Formations of Modern Turkey I3035
--Core Course Elective----35
--General Elective----35
--General Elective----35


KoduDersÖn KoşulTeoriU SaatKrediAKTS
IE 300Summer Practice0005
IE 316Engineering Economicssuccessfully complete one of the courses (ENGR 252 or MGT 206)2235
IE 322Stochastic Models in ORIE 3212235
IE 344Design and Analysis of Manufacturing SystemsIE 3212135
UNI 202Formations of Modern Turkey II3035
--Core Course Elective----35
--College Elective----35


KoduDersÖn KoşulTeoriU SaatKrediAKTS
ENGR 497Global Design Project I AnalysisAt Least Success 90 Crh12210
IE 446Manufacturing Planning and ControlAt Least Success 90 Crh2235
IE 451Project ManagementJenior Year Standing2135
--Departmental Elective----35
--College Elective----35


KoduDersÖn KoşulTeoriU SaatKrediAKTS
ENGR 498Global Design Project II SynthesisAt Least Success 90 Crh, ENGR 49712210
--Departmental Elective----35
--Departmental Elective----35
--Departmental Elective----35
--College Elective----35

*4 Departmental Electives are taken from junior, senior or graduate level courses in IE *3 College Elective courses are taken from junior, senior or graduate level courses in CENS with the approval of the academic advisor. *4 General Elective courses are taken from any college or school with the academic advisor's consent. *5 Core Course (Humanities) Electives must be taken from the Core Course Curriculum listed below. *College and General Elective courses may replace each other with the consent of the academic advisor. *IE 4XX / ENGR 4XX courses are taken by students who completed at least 90 credits
*All IE 4xx level elective courses have the pre-requisite of "senior standing", IE 3xx level, ENGR 314 and ENGR 4xx level courses require at least "junior standing"

- ECON 201 Macroeconomics - Dept. or General El.
- ECON 202 Microeconomices - Dept. or General Elective
- MGT 202 Organizational Behavior - General Elective
- MGT 203 Financial Accounting - Dept. Elective
- MGT 204 Managerial Accounting - General or Dept. El.
- ITM 301 International Economics - Dept. or General Elective
- MGT 304 Money and Banking - Dept. or General El.
- ITM 310 Supply Chain Man. - Dept. Elective
- MGT 305 Marketing Management - Dept. or General Elective
- MGT 308 Organization Theory - Dept. Elective
- MGT 332 Management Information Systems - Dept. El.
- MGT 401 Strategic Management - Dept. or General Elective
- ITM 422 Managerial Decision Making - Dept. El.
- MGT 442 Cost Accounting - Dept. Elective
- MGT 453 Business Intelligence and Marketing Analytics - Dept. Elective
Other UNI coded core courses may be taken with the consent of the academic advisor and approval of the College Administrative Board.

General Elective

KoduDersÖn KoşulTeoriU SaatKrediAKTS
ARAB 101Arabic I3035
ARAB 102Arabic II3035
ARAB 201Arabic III3035
ARAB 202Arabic IV3035
ARM 101Armenian3035
CHI 101Chinese I3035
CHI 102Chinese II0035
CTV 201Basic Photography2235
CTV 202Advanced Photography2235
CTV 203Art of Storytelling3035
CTV 204Screenwriting3035
CTV 205Key Concepts in Moving Image Studies3035
CTV 206History of Cinema3035
CTV 207Introduction to Media and Communication Studies3035
CTV 208Sociology of Media3035
CTV 211Introduction to Cinematography and Lighting2235
CTV 212Editing2135
CTV 214Film Sound2135
CTV 253Business Communication3035
CTV 303Film Theory and Aesthetics3035
CTV 305Television Studies2235
CTV 306Ethnography in/of Media3035
CTV 308TV and Film Production3035
CTV 309Film Kültürü3035
CTV 310Film Production22310
CTV 312Unutulmayan Sinema3035
CTV 313Auteur Cinema3035
CTV 314Music and Sound Design in Film3035
CTV 315Cinema in Turkey3035
CTV 320Popular Culture and Media3035
CTV 321History of Art and Culture3035
CTV 324Media Ethics3035
CTV 331Cyberculture3035
CTV 332Urban Imagery and Visual Narrative3035
CTV 335Critical Approaches to Modern Image3035
CTV 341Anthropology of Media3035
CTV 342Gender, Race, Class in Media3035
CTV 344Intercultural Communication3035
CTV 347Advanced ScreenwritingCTV 2041235
CTV 349Imagined Networks: Media and Migration2235
CTV 351New Approaches in Marketing Communication3035
CTV 353Services Marketing3035
CTV 355Digital Marketing3035
CTV 358International Journalism3035
CTV 401Graduation Project32410
CTV 402Senior Graduation ProjectCTV 40132415
CTV 403Documentary Making22310
CTV 404World Cinema3035
CTV 406New Ways of Seeing3035
CTV 411Silent Cinema3035
CTV 413Cinema and Politics3035
CTV 414Cinema and Feminism3035
CTV 417Film Genres3035
CTV 419History of Turkish Media3035
CTV 421Cultural Studies3035
CTV 430Art of Animation2235
CTV 432Visual Communication and Design2235
CTV 433Experimantel Film and Video3035
CTV 436The Way to the Narrative3035
CTV 453News Reporting and Writing2235
CTV 454Multimedia Journalism2235
CTV 457Digital Media and Culture3035
CTV 481Special Topics in Cinema and Television I3035
CTV 482Special Topics in Cinema and Television II3035
ECON 201Macroeconomics3035
ECON 202Microeconomics3035
ECON 204Advanced MicroeconomicsECON 201, ECON 2023035
ECON 205Intermediate MicroeconomicsECON 2023035
ECON 206Intermediate MacroeconomicsECON 2013035
ECON 208Advanced MacroeconomicsECON 201, ECON 2023035
ECON 302Economic PolicyECON 201, ECON 2023035
ECON 303Evolution of Economies and Economics3035
ECON 305Economic History of Turkey3035
ECON 306Economic History of Europe3035
ECON 307Behavioral Economics3035
ECON 308World Economy3035
ECON 309Managerial Economics3035
ECON 331Econometrics3035
ECON 401Global Economic Thought3037
ECON 402Economic History of the Ottoman Empire3036
ECON 403Turkish Economy3037
ECON 405Institutional Economics 3035
ECON 406Financial Economics3035
ECON 407Economic Methodology and Philosophy of Economics 3035
ECON 408Growth and Development3035
ECON 409Applied Economic Analysis3035
ECON 410Real Estate Economics and Finance3035
ECON 411Topics in İslamic Economics and Finance3035
ECON 412Topics in Islamic Economics3035
ECON 413Analytical Political Economy3035
ECON 414Labor Economics3035
ECON 415Making Better Decisions3035
FRE 101French I0035
FRE 102French II0035
FRE 201French III3035
FRE 202French IV0035
GER 101German I0035
GER 102German II0035
GER 201German III3035
GER 202German IV3035
GRE 101Greek3035
GRE 102Yunanca II3035
HIST 201Historical Methodology3035
HIST 202Ottoman History: Beylik to Empire3035
HIST 203Early Islamic History3035
HIST 204Muslim Empires: A Concise History3035
HIST 205Mediterranean History3035
HIST 206History of Central Eurasia and Turkic Peoples3035
HIST 207Ottoman Turkish I3035
HIST 208Ottoman Turkish IIHIST 2073035
HIST 209Seljuk History3035
HIST 301Statistics for Social Sciences3147
HIST 302Research Methods3037
HIST 303Classical Ottoman History3036
HIST 304Late Ottoman History3035
HIST 305History of Medieval Europe3035
HIST 306History of Modern Europe3035
HIST 307Ottoman Paleography3035
HIST 308Ottoman DiplomaticaHIST 3073035
HIST 310Black Sea History3035
HIST 311Ottoman Urban History3035
HIST 312Istanbul in History3035
HIST 313History of Islamic Civilization3035
HIST 314History of Muslim Spain3035
HIST 315History of the Mamluks3035
HIST 316History of Art and Architecture3035
HIST 317History of Science3035
HIST 318Byzantine History3035
HIST 319History of the Crusades3035
HIST 320History of Colonialism3035
HIST 401Historiography: Ancient to Modern3037
HIST 402Contemporary Historiography3037
HIST 403Arab Lands in the Ottoman Era3035
HIST 404Contemporary Middle East3035
HIST 405Historical Geography3037
HIST 406Senior Project3039
HIST 407History and Archaeology3035
HIST 411History of Muslim Institutions3035
HIST 412History of the Balkans3035
HIST 413History of Americas to 18763035
HIST 414History of Africa3035
HIST 415Economic History3035
HIST 416History of the Russian Empire3035
HIST 417History of Imperial China: Tradition and Transformation3035
HIST 418History of India3035
HIST 419Biography and History3035
HIST 420History of Religions3035
HIST 421Readings in History3035
HIST 422Rise and Fall of Atlantic Slavery3035
HIST 423Environmental History3035
HIST 424History of Classical Islamic Denominations0036
HIST 426The Mongol World Empire3035
HIST 444Psychology, History and Memorysuccessfully complete one of the courses( HIST 201 or PSY 102)3036
HIST 495Internship in History0006
HUK 313İhale Hukuku2023
HUK 314İmar Hukuku2023
HUK 417Adli Yazışma Usulleri2023
HUK 418Sınai Mülkiyet Hukuku2023
HUK 419Enerji Hukuku2023
HUK 422Tebliğat Hukuku2023
HUK 424Adli Tıp2023
ISS 181H:el-Medhal ile'n-Nususi't-Turasiye2023
ISS 182H:Edebu'z-Zühd ve'r-Rekaik2023
ISS 183H:el-Maksud fi's-Sarf2023
ISS 184H:et-Tuhfetu's-Seniyye2023
ISS 201Kur'an-ı Kerim'i Ezber Uygulamalan1124
ISS 203el-Medhal ila Ulumi'I-Kur'an ve't-TefsirISS 103, UNI 1232135
ISS 204Fıkhu'l-İbadatISS 103, UNI 1232024
ISS 205Mustalahu'I-Hadis ve TarihuhuISS 103, UNI 1232134
ISS 206el-Medhal ila Diraseti İlmi'I-FıkhUNI 123, ISS 1032023
ISS 207el-Akidetü'l-İslamiyyeUNI 123, ISS 1032022
ISS 208İslam Düşüncesi Tarihi: Erken DönemUNI 123, ISS 1033034
ISS 251Islamic History: 7th-13th Centuries3035
ISS 252Islamic History: 13th-20th Centuries3035
ISS 275Denominations and Religious Movements in the Muslim World3035
ISS 276Introduction to Islamic Law (Fiqh)3035
ISS 280İslami İlimlere Giriş3035
ISS 281H:el-Kıraa fi'I-Edebi'l-Muasir3034
ISS 282H:et-Takrib li'n-Nevevi2023
ISS 283H:izharu'I-Esrar li'l-Birgivi: Avamil4046
ISS 284H:izharu'l-Esrar li'I-Birgivi: Mamulat ve irab4046
ISS 285H:el-Emali fi'I-Akide2023
ISS 286H:Klasik Mantık ve Münazara3034
ISS 303Kur'an-ı Kerim'in Temel KonularıISS 104, UNI 1243035
ISS 304Kur'an-ı Kerim'in Temel KavramlarıISS 1043034
ISS 305Fıkhu Ahvali'ş -ŞahsiyyeISS 104, UNI 1243144
ISS 306Usulu'I-Fıkh: DelilUNI 124, ISS 1042024
ISS 307Hadis: el-Kutubu't-Tis'aUNI 124, ISS 1042134
ISS 308Fıkhu'I-MuamelatISS 104, UNI 1243144
ISS 309Klasik Kelamın Temel ProblemleriUNI 124, ISS 1042023
ISS 310Hadis: Eşheru'I-Müellefat Kable'I-Karni'I-Hamis"UNI 124, ISS 1042134
ISS 351Güzel Kuran Okuma2023
ISS 353Kur'an'ın Ana Konuları2023
ISS 354İleri Tefsir Metinleri2023
ISS 355Hadis Tahrici ve Ricali2023
ISS 356Hadis Literatürü2023
ISS 357Mukayeseli İslam İbadet Esasları2023
ISS 358Mukayeseli İslam Hukuku II2023
ISS 359Mukayeseli İslam Hukuku I2023
ISS 360Klasik Kelam Metinleri II2023
ISS 361Klasik Kelam Metinleri I2023
ISS 362İslam Düşüncesi Tarihi IIIISS 104, UNI 1242023
ISS 371Major Themes in Classical Islamic Theology2023
ISS 372Major Themes of Islamic Civilization2023
ISS 381H:Muhtasaru'I-Kuduri: Münakehat2023
ISS 382H:Muhtasaru'I-Kuduri: Muamelat3033
ISS 383H:el-Belağatu'I-Arabiyye3034
ISS 384H: Mebahis fi Usuli'd-Din: Mutun Muhtara3034
ISS 403Usulu'I-Fıkh: Hüküm ve DelaletISS 104, UNI 1242134
ISS 404Fıkhu'I-Ukubat ve's-SiyerUNI 124, ISS 1042135
ISS 405Güncel Kelam ProblemleriISS 104, UNI 1242023
ISS 406Uygulamali Münazara Teknikleri2022
ISS 409Tasavvuf I2022
ISS 416Din FelsefesiUNI 1242023
ISS 417Hitabet ve Mesleki Uygulama0212
ISS 419Din EğitimiUNI 1242012
ISS 451Klasik Mantık2023
ISS 452Siyer Hadis İlişkisi2023
ISS 453Çağdaş Tefsir Problemleri2023
ISS 454Oryantalizm ve Hadis2023
ISS 455Ahkam Hadisleri2023
ISS 456Sünnete Çağdaş Yaklaşımlar2023
ISS 457Günümüz Fıkıh Problemleri I2023
ISS 458Mukayeseli İslam Hukuk Usulü2023
ISS 459Günümüz Kelam Meseleleri2023
ISS 460Günümüz Fıkıh Problemleri II2023
ISS 461Klasik Tasavvuf Metinleri2023
ISS 462Osmanlı Tasavvuf Düşüncesi Metinleri2023
ISS 463Hüsn-i Hat2023
ISS 464Tasavvuf Felsefesi2023
ISS 465Farsça2023
ISS 466Günümüz Tasavvuf Meseleleri2023
ISS 467Malayca2023
ISS 468Din ve Sosyal Bilimler2023
ISS 469İslam Bilim Tarihi2023
ISS 470Yahudiliğe Giriş2023
ISS 471İslam İktisat Tarihi2023
ISS 473Hristiyanlığa Giriş2023
ISS 474Urduca2023
ISS 475İslam Medeniyetinde Siyasi Kavramlar ve Kurumlar2023
ISS 476İslam Tarihi Klasik Metinleri2023
ISS 478Hadis Problemleri2023
ISS 481Selected Topics in Systematic Theology2024
ISS 482H: en-Nazariyyatu'I-Kevniyye: Mutun Muhtara3034
ISS 483History of Religion: Major Faith Traditions2135
ISS 484History of Religion: Christianity and Contemporary Religious Trends2135
ISS 485H:Mirkatu'l-Vusul li-Molla Hüsrev2023
ISS 486Philosophy of Religion2023
ISS 487H:Kitabu'I-Asar3034
ISS 488H:el-Muvatta3034
ISS 489H:el-Mütun'ul-Muhtara fi'I-Fikri's-Siyasiel-islami2023
ISS 490H:Kıraat Havle't-Tefsir bi'd-Diraye3254
ITM 200Internship I0005
ITM 300Internship II0005
ITM 301International EconomicsECON 201, ECON 2023035
ITM 302Global Entrepreneurship3035
ITM 303Innovation Management3035
ITM 304International Transport and Logistics3035
ITM 306Import and Export Management3035
ITM 308International Trade Operations3035
ITM 310Supply Chain Management3035
ITM 312International Finance3035
ITM 401International Business Management3247
ITM 403International Marketing3035
ITM 405Business Consulting Models3035
ITM 406Global Business Strategy3248
ITM 411Cross Cultural Management3035
ITM 412Management of Multinational Corporations3035
ITM 413International Business Comm.3035
ITM 414International Human Resource Management3035
ITM 415E-Business and Trade3035
ITM 416Special Topics in International Trade3035
ITM 418History of Trade3035
ITM 420Special Topics in International Marketing3035
ITM 422Managerial Decision Making3035
ITM 430Digital and Social Media Marketing3035
ITM 440Foreign Trade Financing3035
ITM 441Special Topics in International Finance3035
ITM 442Special Topics in International Accounting3035
ITM 450International Economic and Trade Organizations3035
ITM 451International Econonomic Law3035
ITM 452International Political Economy3035
ITM 453Turkish Foreign Trade and Investment Policy3035
ITM 454Region Studies in International Trade3035
ITM 455Customs and Applications3035
ITM 456Customs and Applications II3035
LAT 101Latin3035
LAT 102Latin II3035
LAW 203International Law I2024
LAW 204International Law II2024
LAW 209Sociology of Law2024
LAW 210Philosophy of Law2024
LAW 213Introduction to European Union Law2023
LAW 220International Protection Of Human Rights2023
LAW 222International Humanitarian Law2023
LAW 231Introduction to Law3035
LAW 232Business Law3035
LAW 315Environmental Law2023
LAW 316Law of Torts and Contract2023
LAW 317Criminology2023
LAW 318International Investment Law2023
LAW 319Introduction to Common Law2023
LAW 321International Commercial Law2023
LAW 322Banking Law2023
LAW 326International Sales and Arbitration Law2023
LAW 327The Rights of the Child in International Law2023
LAW 411International Private Law I2235
LAW 412International Private Law II2235
LAW 415Competition Law2023
LAW 416International Arbitration2023
LAW 421Law of Stock-Exchange2023
LAW 423Legal Writing2023
LAW 424Communications Law2023
LAW 425Democracy and Law2023
LAW 426Law and Ethics2023
LAW 427International Trade Law2023
LING 201Osmanlı Türkçesi I4046
LING 202Osmanlı Türkçesi IILING 2014046
LING 411Türkçenin Sesbilimi3036
LING 412Türkçenin Biçimbilimi3036
LING 413Türkçenin Sözdizimi3036
LING 414Söylem Çözümlemesi3036
LING 415Dilbilimsel Metodoloji3036
LING 416Metin Dilbilimi3036
LING 417Diyalektoloji3036
LING 418İngilizce Türkçe Karşılaştırmalı Çözümleme3036
LING 431Osmanlı Paleografyasıprerequisite OTM 102 or LING 202 Ottoman Turkish II3036
LING 432Osmanlı DiplomatikasıLING 4313036
LING 433Çeviri3036
LING 434Çeviribilim3036
LIT 203Classical Islamic Literatures I: Major Themes and Sources3035
LIT 204Classical Islamic Literatures II: Major Literary Spaces, Main Actors and Genres3035
LIT 305Origins of Literary Theory and Criticism3035
LIT 306Modern Literary Theory and Criticism3035
LIT 406Literature and Humanities3036
LIT 416Modern Türk Edebiyatında Eleştiri3036
LIT 417Edebiyat Dergiciliği3036
LIT 418Türkçe Edebiyat ve Şehir Deneyimi3036
LIT 421İleri Düzey Edebiyat Teorisi3036
LIT 422Literature and Gender3036
LIT 423Edebiyat ve Milliyetçilik3036
LIT 424Edebiyat ve Tarih3036
LIT 425Edebiyat ve Politika3036
LIT 426Edebiyat Psikanaliz ve Öznellik3036
LIT 427Edebiyat ve Hukuk3036
LIT 428Anlatıbilim3036
LIT 429Edebiyat Şarkiyatçılık ve Postkolonyalizm3036
LIT 435Klasik Türk Edebiyatında Alegori3036
LIT 436Klasik Türk Edebiyatında Toplumsal Cinsiyet3036
LIT 437Klasik İslamî Edebiyatlarda “Sebk-i Hindî”3036
LIT 439Klasik İslamî Edebiyatlarda Otobiyografi ve Biyografi3036
LIT 441Yaratıcı Yazım1436
LIT 450Economics Through Fiction3036
LIT 480Türkiyede Güncel Edebiyat ve Toplumsal Değişim0036
MATH 101Calculus for Business2235
MATH 102Applied Math for BusinessMATH 1012235
MGRE 101Modern Greek I3035
MGRE 102Modern Greek II3035
MGT 100Introduction to Business3033
MGT 200Internship I0005
MGT 202Organizational Behavior3035
MGT 203Financial Accounting3035
MGT 204Managerial Accounting3035
MGT 205Introduction to Statistics2235
MGT 206Statistical AnalysisMGT 2052235
MGT 255Business Communication3035
MGT 300Internship II0005
MGT 302Human Resource Management3035
MGT 303Financial Management3035