Knowledge Management and ERP: Complementary or Contradictory?
29.12.2017 15:00
YER : AB4, 4301
​​This research aims to deepen the understanding of the effects of information systems on supply chain operations and to find the level and direction of relationship between Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Knowledge Management (KM) in the context of operational and financial performance. Essentially, this study emphasizes the explanation of complementary relationship between ERP and KM. Therefore, the mediating effect of KM is also analysed. Using the survey method, 163 responses are collected from Turkish manufacturing companies which operate in a variety of industries. A structural equation modelling (SEM) is used to test both the reliability and validity of measurement and the structural path model. The results show that ERP has no significantly positive effect on operational performance, but it is a precedent of KM. Moreover, results also show that KM affects operational performance positively and it has a mediating effect for the relationship between ERP and operational performance. Lastly, the path analysis shows that operational performance is positively associated with financial performance.

Prof. Dr. Selim Zaim
İstanbul Technical University 

Selim Zaim has received his B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Istanbul Technical University and his Ph.D. degree in Production and Operations Management from Istanbul University. Selim Zaim has been serving as a professor in the Industrial Engineering Department at Istanbul Technical University. Selim Zaim also serves the Chair of Industrial Engineering at Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey. He has a wide experience of research and teaching in Production and Operations Management at undergraduate, postgraduate and executive levels. Zaim has published over 100 articles and papers in various journals and congress proceedings. His current scholarly interests focus on multivariate data analysis, supply chain management, data analytics and knowledge management. Zaim reviews papers for a variety of journals. Zaim carried out several European Union Projects related to education quality in Turkey. He is a member of Industrial Management and Development Assosciations and Quality Association in Turkey (KALDER).