Ders Planı

Makine Mühendisliği (İngilizce)

Total Credits Required for Graduation :141 Average Credit Load Per Semester :18

1. Yarıyıl

KoduDersÖn KoşulTeoriU SaatKrediAKTS
ENGR 101Introduction to Programming2235
ENGR 105Introduction to Engineering0212
LIFE 101Life Sciences I - Chemistry3035
MATH 103Calculus I - Differential3246
PHYS 103Physics I - Mechanics and Dynamics3246
PHYS 103LPhysics I - Lab0211
UNI 111Critical Reading and Writing in Turkish I3035

2. Yarıyıl

KoduDersÖn KoşulTeoriU SaatKrediAKTS
ENGR 100Computer Skills0012
ENGR 102Programming PracticeENGR 1012235
LIFE 102Life Sciences II - Biology3035
MATH 104Calculus II - IntegralMATH 1033246
PHYS 104Physics II - Electromagnetics and Modern Physics3246
PHYS 104LPhysics II - Lab0211
UNI 100Exploring Istanbul2235
UNI 112Critical Reading and Writing in Turkish II3035

3. Yarıyıl

KoduDersÖn KoşulTeoriU SaatKrediAKTS
ENGR 201Technical DrawingENGR 1052235
ENGR 205Statics and Strength of MaterialsPHYS 1032235
ENGR 244Engineering MaterialsPHYS 104, ENGR 1003035
MATH 206Differential Equations and Complex AnalysisMATH 1033034
UNI 123Textual Analysis and Effective Communication3035
--Core Course Elective----35

4. Yarıyıl

KoduDersÖn KoşulTeoriU SaatKrediAKTS
ENGR 246Manufacturing ProcessesENGR 2443035
MATH 205Linear Algebra and Differential EquationsMATH 1032235
ME 200Summer Practice0005
ME 261Thermodynamics2235
UNI 124Textual Analysis and Academic WritingUNI 1233035
--Core Course Elective----35
--Core Course Elective----35

5. Yarıyıl

KoduDersÖn KoşulTeoriU SaatKrediAKTS
ME 331Machine DesignENGR 2462235
ME 352DynamicsENGR 2052235
ME 361Fluid MechanicsME 2612235
UNI 201Formations of Modern Turkey I3035
--Core Course Elective----35
--College Elective----35

6. Yarıyıl

KoduDersÖn KoşulTeoriU SaatKrediAKTS
ENGR 255Probability and Statistics for EngineersMATH 104, ENGR 1052235
IE 316Engineering Economicssuccessfully complete one of the courses (ENGR 252 or MGT 206)2235
ME 300Summer Practice0005
ME 321System Dynamics and ControlMATH 2060030
ME 362Heat TransferME 3612235
UNI 202Formations of Modern Turkey II3035
--Core Course Elective----35

7. Yarıyıl

KoduDersÖn KoşulTeoriU SaatKrediAKTS
ENGR 497Global Design Project I AnalysisPre-requisites for Senior Year12210
ME 401Experimental Methods for MEPre-requisites for Senior Year2235
--College Elective----35
--Departmental Elective----35
--Departmental Elective----35

8. Yarıyıl

KoduDersÖn KoşulTeoriU SaatKrediAKTS
ENGR 498Global Design Project II SynthesisPre-requisites for Senior Year, ENGR 49712210
ME 441Computer Aided AnalysisPre-requisites for Senior Year, ME 3312235
--College Elective----35
--Departmental Elective----35
--Departmental Elective----35
* 4 Departmental Electives are taken from junior, senior or graduate level courses in ME

* 3 College Elective courses are taken from junior, senior or graduate level courses in CENS with the approval of the academic advisor.

* 5 Core Course (Humanities) Electives must be taken from the Core Course Curriculum listed below.

* College and General Elective courses may replace each other with the consent of the academic advisor.

* ME 4XX / ENGR 4XX courses are taken by students who completed at least 90 credits
* College Administration Board decision is required to by pass a pre- requisite for any course.
Other UNI coded core courses may be taken with the approval of the College Administrative Board.

College Elective

KoduDersÖn KoşulTeoriU SaatKrediAKTS
CE 331Structural AnalysisENGR 2052235
CE 332Reinforced Concrete StructuresCE 3312235
CE 341Earth Science2235
CE 351Fluid Mechanics2235
CE 352HydraulicsCE 3512235
CE 431Steel StructuresCE 3312235
CE 441Soil Mechanics2235
CE 442Foundation EnginneringPre-requisites for Senior Year3035
CE 461Introduction to Environmental EngineeringPre-requisites for Senior Year2235
CE 471Transportation SystemsPre-requisites for Senior Year3035
CE 491Construction ManagementPre-requisites for Senior Year3035
CS 201Data Structures and AlgorithmsENGR 101, MATH 1043035
CS 202Advanced AlgorithmsCS 2013035
CS 240Exploratory Data AnalysisPre-requisite (ENGR 100 or CS 100), ENGR 251, ENGR 1053034
CS 350Database SystemsENGR 1023035
CS 351Computer ArchitectureEECS 2183035
CS 352Operating SystemsENGR 1023035
CS 361SoftwareENGR 1023035
CS 364Computer Networks3035
CS 381Object Oriented ProgrammingENGR 1023035
EE 201Circuit AnalysisMATH 206, EECS 2013245
EE 232Probability and Stochastic Processes3035
EE 302Microelectronic Circuit DesignEE 2013245
EE 311Introduction to Electronic DevicesMATH 1033035
EE 312Introduction to Communication SystemsEECS 2163035
EE 321ElectromagneticsPHYS 104, MATH 2063035
EE 322Electromagnetics II3035
EE 324Control SystemsJenior Year Standing, EECS 2163035
EE 331Digital Electronics3035
EE 332MicroprocessorsEECS 2183245
EECS 201System Design FundamentalsPre-requisite (ENGR 100 or CS 100), ENGR 1053246
EECS 202Basic Digital Communication with NetworkingPre-requisite (ENGR 100 or CS 100), Pre-requisite (ENGR 100 or CS 100), ENGR 1053246
EECS 211Introduction to Programming3235
EECS 214Unix Operating System1224
EECS 216Signals and SystemsMATH 104, MATH 2063035
EECS 218Digital Logic Design3035
EECS 221Embedded Systems Programming in CENGR 1013035
EECS 241Discrete MathematicsMATH 1033034
EECS 244Differential Equations and Linear Algebra3035
EECS 401Engineering Practice and ProfessionalismPre-requisites for Senior Year2022
EECS 402EntrepreneurshipPre-requisites for Senior Year2035
EECS 403Digital Circuit DesignPre-requisites for Senior Year3035
EECS 404Communication CircuitsPre-requisites for Senior Year3035
EECS 405RF Circuit DesignPre-requisites for Senior Year, Pre-requisites for Senior Year3035
EECS 407Advanced Integrated Analog Circuit DesignPre-requisites for Senior Year3035
EECS 408Analog-Digital Interface Integrated CircuitsPre-requisites for Senior Year3035
EECS 413Wireless CommunicationsPre-requisites for Senior Year3035
EECS 415Digital Signal ProcessingPre-requisites for Senior Year3035
EECS 416Image and Video ProcessingPre-requisites for Senior Year3035
EECS 417Digital CommunicationPre-requisites for Senior Year0035
EECS 418Information TheoryPre-requisites for Senior Year3035
EECS 420Software Based StartupsPre-requisites for Senior Year3035
EECS 422Wave Propagation and AntennasPre-requisites for Senior Year3035
EECS 423OpticsPre-requisites for Senior Year3035
EECS 424Photonics and LasersPre-requisites for Senior Year3035
EECS 428Data VisualizationPre-requisites for Senior Year3035
EECS 429MultimediaPre-requisites for Senior Year3035
EECS 432Mobile ProgrammingPre-requisites for Senior Year3035
EECS 436Embedded Sytem DesignPre-requisites for Senior Year3035
EECS 441Nano and Micro Electro Mechanical SystemPre-requisites for Senior Year3035
EECS 451Database SystemsPre-requisites for Senior Year3035
EECS 456Principles of Computer SystemsPre-requisites for Senior Year3035
EECS 457Performance Engineering of Software SystemsPre-requisites for Senior Year3035
EECS 461Machine LearningPre-requisites for Senior Year3035
EECS 462Automata Theory, Languages and ComputationPre-requisites for Senior Year3035
EECS 464Computer VisionPre-requisites for Senior Year3035
EECS 465Introduction to RoboticsPre-requisites for Senior Year, Pre-requisites for Senior Year3035
EECS 466Enterprise Software DevelopmentPre-requisites for Senior Year0035
EECS 468BioinformaticsPre-requisites for Senior Year3035
EECS 471Distributed AlgorithmsPre-requisites for Senior Year3035
EECS 474NetworksPre-requisites for Senior Year3035
EECS 476Advanced Computer NetworksPre-requisites for Senior Year3035
EECS 481CryptographyPre-requisites for Senior Year3035
EECS 482Cryptographic EngineeringPre-requisites for Senior Year3035
EECS 483Network SecurityPre-requisites for Senior Year3035
EECS 486Computational GenomicsPre-requisites for Senior Year3035
ENGR 313Scientific Computing3246
ENGR 314Database Management2235
ENGR 422Numerical Methods3035
ENGR 461Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)3035
IE 321Deterministic Models in ORMATH 2052235
IE 322Stochastic Models in ORIE 3212235
IE 324Simulationsuccessfully complete one of the courses (ENGR 251 or MGT 205)2235
IE 333Quality Engineering and Reliability3035
IE 344Design and Analysis of Manufacturing SystemsIE 3212235
IE 371Ergonomics3035
IE 426Nonlinear ProgrammingPre-requisites for Senior Year2235
IE 427Graph TheoryPre-requisites for Senior Year0035
IE 434Data MiningPre-requisites for Senior Year0035
IE 435Forecasting and Time SeriesPre-requisites for Senior Year0035
IE 438Design of ExperimentsPre-requisites for Senior Year0035
IE 442Advanced Materials Science for EngineersPre-requisites for Senior Year0035
IE 445Modern Manufacturing TechnologiesPre-requisites for Senior Year3035
IE 446Manufacturing Planning and ControlPre-requisites for Senior Year2235
IE 448Product Design and InnovationPre-requisites for Senior Year0035
IE 450Nanomanufacturing and DevicesPre-requisites for Senior Year3035
IE 451Project ManagementJenior Year Standing2235
IE 452Stochastic Processes and QueueingPre-requisites for Senior Year0035
IE 458Scheduling and SequencingPre-requisites for Senior Year3035
IE 462Supply Chain ManagementPre-requisites for Senior Year3035
IE 463Finance for EngineersPre-requisites for Senior Year3035
IE 465Integrated Business Processes in ERPPre-requisites for Senior Year3035
IE 488Agile MethodsPre-requisites for Senior Year3035
IE 493Seminars in Industrial EngineeringPre-requisites for Senior Year3035
IE 494Special Topics in Industrial EngineeringPre-requisites for Senior Year3035

Departmental Elective

KoduDersÖn KoşulTeoriU SaatKrediAKTS
ME 416Mechanics of Composite MaterialsPre-requisites for Senior Year0035
ME 419Introduction to Finite Element AnalysisPre-requisites for Senior Year0035
ME 421Machine Dynamics and VibrationsPre-requisites for Senior Year0035
ME 422Introduction to Mechatronics EngineeringPre-requisites for Senior Year0035
ME 433Designing Quality ProductsPre-requisites for Senior Year0035
ME 434Optimization of Mechanical SystemsPre-requisites for Senior Year0035
ME 442Computer Aided ManufacturingPre-requisites for Senior Year0035
ME 465RoboticsPre-requisites for Senior Year0035
ME 467Digital ControlPre-requisites for Senior Year0035
ME 468Industrial AutomationPre-requisites for Senior Year, Pre-requisites for Senior Year0035
ME 479Artificial Neural NetworksPre-requisites for Senior Year0035
ME 481Energy Conversion SystemsPre-requisites for Senior Year0035
ME 483Internal Combustion EnginesPre-requisites for Senior Year0035
ME 485Artificial IntelligencePre-requisites for Senior Year0035
ME 488Metaheuristic AlgorithmsPre-requisites for Senior Year0035
ME 493Special Topics in ME IPre-requisites for Senior Year0035
ME 494Special Topics in ME IIPre-requisites for Senior Year0035
All ME 4xx level elective courses have the pre-requisite of "senior standing", ME 3xx level courses require at least "junior standing"