Video Forgery
ŞEHİR College of Engineering and Natural Sciences is organizing a seminar titled "Video Forgery" on May 2.
2.05.2018 14:00
YER : AB2-2302
College of Engineering and Natural Sciences

Prof. Ghazali Bin Sulong
Prof. Dr. Ghazali Bin Sulong was born in 1958. He graduated with M.Sc. and Ph.D. in computing from University of Wales, United Kingdom in 1982 and 1989 respectively. His academic career has begun since 1982 at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). Later in 1999, he was promoted as a full Professor of Image Processing and Pattern Recognition at UTM’s Computer Graphic and Multimedia Department. His current research interests include fingerprint identification, face recognition, ear recognition, object recognition, iris verification, handwritten script recognition, writer identification, image enhancement and restoration, medical image segmentation, digital watermarking and steganography. He has authored/co-authored of more than 70 technical papers for journals, conference proceedings and book chapters.