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KoduDersÖn KoşulTeoriU SaatKrediAKTS
PHIL 501Research Methods3038
--Program Elective----38
--Program/External Elective----38
--Program/External Elective----38


KoduDersÖn KoşulTeoriU SaatKrediAKTS
--Program Elective----38
--Program/External Elective----38
--Program/External Elective----38


KoduDersÖn KoşulTeoriU SaatKrediAKTS
PHIL 590Graduate Seminar0004
PHIL 599Master Thesis00060
--Language Elective----05


KoduDersÖn KoşulTeoriU SaatKrediAKTS
PHIL 599Master Thesis00060
--Language Elective----05

Program/External Elective

KoduDersÖn KoşulTeoriU SaatKrediAKTS
BAN 501Introduction to Data Analysis and Descriptive Analytics3038
BAN 502Data Oriented Programming3038
BAN 503Data Warehousing3038
BAN 504Predictive Business Analytics3038
BAN 506Advanced Practicuum In Analytics3038
BAN 507Marketing Analytics3038
BAN 508Prescriptive Business Analytics3038
BAN 509Big Data, Tools and Technologies3038
BAN 510Introduction to Data Analysis and Descriptive Analytics3038
BAN 511Professional Development and Practice Sharing3038
BAN 512Project Management3038
CULT 501Theories and Methods in Cultural Studies3038
CULT 511Postcolonial Studies3038
CULT 512Modern Ottoman-Turkish Literary and Cultural History3038
CULT 513Gender Studies3038
CULT 514Media and Society3038
CULT 515Digital Media and Culture3038
CULT 516Visual Culture:Technology,Image,Language3038
CULT 517Anthropological Perspectives on Global Issues3038
CULT 518Language, Image and Subjectivity3038
CULT 519Globality, Culture and Identity3038
CULT 520Cultural Psychology3038
CULT 521İstanbul in Ottoman Texts3038
CULT 522Aesthetics and Gender in Ottoman Culture3038
CULT 523Modern Literatures&Armenian Culture in the Ottoman Empire3038
CULT 524Crises of Masculinity and the 20th Century Novel3038
CULT 525Sociology of Everyday Life3038
CULT 526Empire, Colonialism and Orientalism in Modern Turkish Literature3038
CULT 527Ideology and Discourse Analysis3038
CULT 528Community, Communication and the Changing Urban3038
CULT 529Film Theory and Aesthetics3038
CULT 530Cinematic Spectatorship3038
CULT 531Silent Cinema0038
CULT 532Sound and Cinema3038
CULT 533Ottoman Novel and Modernity3038
CULT 536Neoliberal Transformation in Turkey3038
CULT 537Criticism in Modern Turkish Literature0038
CULT 538Space and Gender: Islam, Colonialism, Modernity3038
CULT 540Mediated Arts Research3038
CULT 541Early Cinema: Spectatorship and Modernity3038
CULT 542Multimedia Journalism3038
CULT 544Armenians in the Ottoman Empire: A Literary Perspective3038
CULT 545Tragedy and Tragic Vision in Modern Literary Culture3038
CULT 546Contemporary Turkish Literature and Social Change3038
CULT 548Film Genres0038
CULT 550Ottoman Book Culture3038
CULT 552Science, Culture and Power3038
CULT 554Cinema and Consciousness3038
CULT 556The Debates on Language and Literature Policies in Turkey3038
ECE 501Analog Circuit Design3035
ECE 502RF Microelectronics3035
ECE 503mm Wave IC Design3035
ECE 504Advanced Communication Circuits3035
ECE 507VLSI Design3035
ECE 508Analog-Digital Interface Integrated Circuits3035
ECE 509Statistical Signal Processing3035
ECE 510Statistical Signal Processing II : Detection Theory3035
ECE 511Probability and Stochastic Process3035
ECE 512Information Theory3035
ECE 513Digital Communication System3035
ECE 514Data Compression and Modeling3035
ECE 515Linear Dynamical Systems3035
ECE 516System Optimizations3035
ECE 517Numerical Methods in Engineering3035
ECE 518Advanced Digital Communication3035
ECE 519Robotics3035
ECE 520Software Based Startups3035
ECE 521Motion Planning3035
ECE 522Antenna Theory and Design3035
ECE 523Machine Learning3035
ECE 524Computer Vision3035
ECE 525Advanced Topic in Computer Vision3035
ECE 526Computational Biology3035
ECE 527Bioinformatics3035
ECE 528Probabilistic Graphical Models3035
ECE 529Multimedia Systems3035
ECE 531Advanced Electromagnetics3035
ECE 532Advanced Digital Logic Design3035
ECE 536Fiber Optic Communications3035
ECE 537Optoelectronic Devices and Lasers3035
ECE 538Optical Waves and Optical Imaging3035
ECE 541Nano and Micro Electro Mechanical Systems 3035
ECE 542Advanced MOSFET Theory3035
ECE 551Design and Manufacturing in EE3035
ECE 552Energy and Energy Efficiency3035
ECE 555Advanced Embedded System Design3035
ECE 561Approximation Algorithms3035
ECE 562Network Modeling3035
ECE 563Combinatorial Algortithms3035
ECE 564Computational Geometry3035
ECE 565Theory of Computation and Complexity3035
ECE 566Object Oriented Design3035
ECE 567Advanced Internet Services3035
ECE 570Software Engineering3035
ECE 571Data Engineering3035
ECE 572Advanced Topics in Database Systems3035
ECE 573Advanced Topics in Distributed Systems3035
ECE 574Advanced Computer Architecture3035
ECE 575Big Data Analysis3035
ECE 576Scalable Internet Services3035
ECE 577Cloud Computing3035
ECE 578Data Visualization0035
ECE 579Software Engineering Project Management3035
ECE 580Networks3035
ECE 581Network Security3035
ECE 582Data Science for Business3035
ECE 583Cryptography and Coding3035
ECE 584Advanced Cryptography and Coding3035
ECE 585Cognitive Computing0035
ECE 586Computational Genomics3035
ECE 587Data Security and Privacy3035
ECE 588Agile Methods3035
ECE 589Natural Language Processing3035
ECE 590Advanced Topics in Electrical Engineering 3035
ECONFIN 501Microeconomics3038
ECONFIN 502Theory of Finance3038
ECONFIN 503Macroeconomics and International Trade3038
ECONFIN 504Research Methods for Economics and Finance3038
ECONFIN 505Econometrics3038
ECONFIN 520Corporate Finance3038
ECONFIN 521Financial Markets3038
ECONFIN 522Decision Models for Economics and Finance3038
ECONFIN 523Financial Intermediaries3038
ECONFIN 524International Financial Markets3038
ECONFIN 525Industrial Organization for Financial Markets3038
ECONFIN 526Competition Policy and Regulation of Financial Markets3038
ECONFIN 527Valuation and Securities Analysis3038
ECONFIN 528Portfolio Management3038
ECONFIN 529Financial Risk Analysis and Management3038
ECONFIN 530Derivatives3038
ECONFIN 531Asset and Liability Management3038
ECONFIN 532Monetary Policy and Central Banking3038
ECONFIN 533Strategic Management3038
ECONFIN 534Corporate Control and Governance3038
ECONFIN 580Directed Readings on Economics and Financial Markets3038
ECONFIN 599MA Thesis00060
HIST 501Historiography in Global Perspective3038
HIST 502Modern Historiography3038
HIST 504Topics in World History3038
HIST 505Topics in European History3038
HIST 506Topics in Byzantine History3038
HIST 507Topics in History of Turkic Peoples3038
HIST 508Topics in Judeo-Christian History3038
HIST 509Topics in Regional Histories3038
HIST 510Approaching Ottoman History3038
HIST 511Empires and Nationalisms3038
HIST 512Comparative Modernities in Historical Perspective3038
HIST 513Religion and Politics in Turkey3038
HIST 514Auto/Biography3038
HIST 515Late Ottoman Intellectual History3038
HIST 517Topics in Ottoman History3038
HIST 521Reading and Writing Practices in the Ottoman Empire3038
HIST 522Narrative and Narrativity in the Ottoman Empire3038
HIST 530Approaching Urban History3038
HIST 531Cities in Comperative Perspective3038
HIST 532Everyday Life and Institutions in Ottoman Cities3038
HIST 533Istanbul at Ottoman Texts3038
HIST 534Istanbul: Capital City of Empires3038
HIST 535History of Balkan Cities3038
HIST 536Mediterrannean Cities3038
HIST 537Ottoman Artistic and Architectural Culture3038
HIST 538The Building Inscriptions of Ottoman Istanbul3038
HIST 539Ottoman Rural Life3038
HIST 542Migration and Demograp.Change in Turkey3038
HIST 543Topics in Ottoman Urban Life3038
HIST 550Approaching Islamic History3038
HIST 551From the Prophet to the Fall of Baghdad3038
HIST 552Contribution of Islam to World Civilization3038
HIST 553The Politics and Culture of Shi‘ism in History3038
HIST 554Andalusia: Three Faiths, One Land3038
HIST 555Mamluk Egypt3038
HIST 556History of Islamic Jurisprudence3038
HIST 558Themes in Islamic History3038
HIST 560Modern Middle East, 1800-19183038
HIST 561Non-Muslims in the Ottoman Empire3038
HIST 571Ottoman Financial History I3038
HIST 572Ottoman Financial History II3038
HIST 573Ottoman State and Economy3038
HIST 574Economy and Society in the Ottoman Empire3038
HIST 575Foundations of Islamic Economics3038
HIST 576History of Islamic Economic Thought3038
HIST 577Partnership and Finance in Islam3038
HIST 578Topics in Islamic Economics3038
HIST 580Reading Historical Sources in Persian3038
HIST 581Texts in Ottoman Turkish I3038
HIST 582Texts in Ottoman Turkish II3038
HIST 590Graduate Seminar0004
HIST 591Ottoman Turkish I3038
HIST 592Ottoman Turkish II3038
HIST 593Ottoman Paleography I3038
HIST 594Ottoman Paleography II3038
HIST 596Historical Sociology3038
HIST 597Persian I3005
HIST 598Persian II3005
HIST 601Historiography in Global Perspective0038
HIST 602Modern Historiography0038
HIST 603Modern Seminar0038
HIST 610Approaching Ottoman History0038
HIST 611Sources and Problems in Islamıc History3038
HIST 612Sources and Problems in Ottoman History3038
HIST 613Source and Problems in European History0038
HIST 614Literary Source of the Ottoman Cultural History0038
HIST 615Borderlands in Islamic and Ottoman History3038
HIST 61818. Yüzyıl Osmanlı Dünyası3038
HIST 620Ottoman Military History3038
HIST 622Ottoman Legal History0038
HIST 623Scholars, Sultans and Law in the Ottoman Empire0038
HIST 625Development of Ottoman Economic Thought0038
HIST 627Readings on Ottoman/Turkish-Russion Relations0038
HIST 629History and Culture of Ottoman Armenians3038
HIST 630Approaching Urban History0038
HIST 631Ottoman-Turkish Secularization0038
HIST 632Religion, Society and Empire in the Early Modern Muslim World History0038
HIST 633Dynastic Rule and Imperial Courts in the Early Modern World0038
HIST 640Readings in Islamic Economic Thought0038
HIST 641Guilds in Islamic City and World Ethics0038
HIST 643Seminar in Islamic History0038
HIST 645History of Classical Muslim Denomination3038
HIST 647Seminar in Wills and Waqf Studies0038
HIST 650Approaching Islamic History0038
HIST 651Comparative History of Political Ideas0038
HIST 660Transnational History0038
HIST 661History of Japanese Modernization0038
HIST 670Approaching Economic History0038
HIST 671Philosophy of History0038
HIST 672Mechanical Philosophy: Europe and Ottoman Empire0038
HIST 674Circulation of Science in the Early Modern Era0038
HIST 675Translating Science in the Ottoman Empire0038
HIST 680Islamic Art of the Book0038
HIST 681Muslim Calligraphy and Architecture0038
HIST 682Visual Arts in Ottoman Society0038
HIST 684Ottoman/Turkish Musical Tradation in Cultural Context3038
HIST 685Readings and Research in the History of Ottoman MusicHIST 6840038
HIST 691Directed Readings in History0038
ISE 521Introduction to Operations Research and Industrial Engineering Topics3035
ISE 523Linear Programming and Extensions3035
ISE 524Computer Simulation Techniques3035
ISE 525Dynamic Programming3035
ISE 526Stochastic Processes3035
ISE 527Graph Theory and Network Flows3035
ISE 528Nonlinear Programming3035
ISE 529System Dynamics3035
ISE 531Probability and Statistics for Engineers3035
ISE 532Reliability Engineering3035
ISE 533Statistical Forecasting3035
ISE 534Data Mining3035
ISE 535Quality Management3035
ISE 537Applied Data Analysis3035
ISE 538Design of Experiments3035
ISE 541Lean Manufacturing and Operations3035
ISE 542Advanced Materials Science for Engineers3035
ISE 543Micro-fabrication3036
ISE 544Design for Manufacturability3035
ISE 545Modern Manufacturing Technologies3035
ISE 546Manufacturing Systems3035
ISE 548Product Design and Innovation3035
ISE 549Renewable Energy Systems3036
ISE 550Nano-Manufacturing and Devices3036
ISE 551Advanced Topics in Project Management3035
ISE 552Logistics and Supply Chain Management3035
ISE 553Engineering Management3035
ISE 554Technology and R&D Management3035
ISE 555Future Readiness3035
ISE 556Strategic Management3035
ISE 561Decision Analysis3035
ISE 562Managerial Decision Making3035
ISE 571Facility Layout Planning3035
ISE 572Game Theory3035
ISE 582Data Science For Business3035
ISE 588Agile Methods3035
MBA 501Research Methods3038
MBA 502Research Methods II3038
MBA 511Global Management Thought3038
MBA 512Corporate Financial Management3038
MBA 513Financial Statement Analysis3038
MBA 514Financial Markets and Institutions3038
MBA 515Investments and Portfolio Management3038
MBA 516International Financial Management3038
MBA 517Mergers and Acquisitions3038
MBA 518Business Statistics3038
MBA 519Advanced Managerial Economics3038
MBA 521Management and Organization3038
MBA 522Management In Digital Age3038
MBA 523Directed Readings in Islamic Finance and Economics3038
MBA 524Digital Transformation and Innovation3038
MBA 525Quantitative Methods In Banking and Finance3038
MBA 526Strategic Bank Management3038
MBA 527Risk Management In Banking3038
MBA 528Narrative Economics and Business3038
MBA 530Sustainable Development Goals and Governance3038
MBA 531Strategic Management3038
MBA 532Islamic Economics3038
MBA 533Islamic Banking and Finance3038
MBA 534Islamic Law and Financial Transactions3038
MBA 535Risk Management In Islamic Finance3038
MBA 536Special Topics in Economics and Management3038
MBA 537Current Issues in Economics and Management3038
MBA 538CO-OP: Cooperative Learning I3038
MBA 539CO-OP: Cooperative Learning II3038
MBA 540Global Economic and Financial Strategy3038
MBA 542BlockChain and Financial Markets3038
MBA 543Marketing Management3038
MBA 544FinTech and Financial Markets3038
MBA 545Interactive Marketing3038
MBA 546Marketing In Developing Markets3038
MBA 547Strategic Brand Management3038
MBA 548Business Analytics0038
MBA 550Work Ethics And Values3038
MBA 551Organizational Behavior3038
MBA 552Human Resources Management3038
MBA 554Special Topics In Human Resource Management3038
MBA 555Talent Management And Succesion Planning3038
MBA 556Business Data Analysis3038
MBA 557Interest-Free Banks & Participation Banking System3038
MBA 558Consumer Behaviour3038
MBA 559Coaching3038
MBA 561Macroeconomics, Institutions and the Global Economy3038
MBA 562Blockchain and its Applications in Economics and Finance3038
MBA 564Financial Reporting and Managerial Accounting3038
MBA 565Behavioral Finance3038
MBA 566Special Topics In Financial Management3038
MBA 567International Management3038
MBA 568Corporate Governance3038
MBA 569Management In Family Companies3038
MBA 570Game Theory For Managers3038
MBA 571Global Company Management Simulation3038
MBA 573Turkish Business Environment3038
MBA 574Analysıs Of Macroeconomıc Indıcators And Polıcıes3038
MBA 575Entrepreneurship3038
MBA 576Current Issues In Career Development3038
MBA 577Selected Topics in Business Research3038
MBA 578Special Topics in Digital Marketing3038
MBA 579Future Readiness3038
MBA 580Law For Managers3038
MBA 581Comparative Competition Law3038
MBA 582International Trade Law3038
MBA 583Management Information Systems3038
MBA 584Managerial Decision Making3038
MBA 585Operations and Process Management3038
MBA 586Supply Chain Management3038
MBA 587Project Management3038
MBA 588New Product Management3038
MBA 589Special Topics In Operations Management3038
MBA 592Sales Force Management3038
MBA 593Innovation Management3038
MBA 594Business Communication3038
MBA 595Special Topics In Marketing Management3038
MBA 596Special Topics In Management3038
MTS 501Issues In Turkish Politics3038
MTS 502Democracy and Its Problems in Turkey3038
MTS 503Late Ottoman Political History3038
MTS 504Research Methods in Social Sciences3038
MTS 507Qualitative Social Analysis3038
MTS 511Law and Politics in Turkey3038
MTS 512Political Thought in Modern Turkey3038
MTS 513Religion and Politics in Turkey3038
MTS 514Neoliberal Transformation in Turkey3038
MTS 515Islamist Political Thought in Modern Turkey3038
MTS 516Politics,Religion&Society in the Mid.East3038
MTS 517Mass Media and Power in Turkey3038
MTS 518Eurasianism and Turkey3038
MTS 520Turkey and Eurasia3038
MTS 521Current Issues in Turkish Foreign Policy3038
MTS 523Turkey and Middle East3038
MTS 531Turkish Foreign Policy: Theory and Practice3038
MTS 532Turkish Foreign Policy and Turkey's Neighbours3038
MTS 533Political Sociology3038
MTS 534Identity Conflicts and Their Resolution3038
MTS 537Identity, Ethnicity and Conflict Resolution in Modern Turkey3038
MTS 542Sociology of Contemporary Turkish Society3038
MTS 543Sociology of Center Right and Left Politics in Turkey3038
MTS 544Identity, Culture and Ethnicity in Turkey3038
MTS 55120th Century Political Thought3038
MTS 580Sociology of Religion3038
MTS 581Texts in Ottoman Turkish3038
MTS 582Texts in Ottoman Turkish II3038
PHIL 502Advanced Logic3038
PHIL 503Issues in Epistemology3038
PHIL 504Issues in Consciousness3038
PHIL 505Issues in Philosophy of Language3038
PHIL 506Topics in Analytical Philosophy3038
PHIL 507Issues in Philosophy of Mind3038
PHIL 508Advanced readings in Wittgenstein3038
PHIL 509Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art3038
PHIL 510Issues in Political Philosophy3038
PHIL 511Issues in Ethics3038
PHIL 512Topics in Ancient Philosophy3038
PHIL 513Reading Philosophical Texts3038
PHIL 514Advanced readings in Nietzsche3038
PHIL 515History of Science3038
PHIL 516Philosophy of Science3038
PHIL 517Philosophy and Theology/Kalam3038
PHIL 518Islamic Philosophy3038
PHIL 519Topics in Medieval Philosophy3038
PHIL 520Philosophy in Modern Turkey3038
PHIL 521Issues in Hermeneutics3038
PHIL 522Issues in Phenomenology3038
PHIL 523Topics in Modern Philosophy3038
PHIL 524Topics in Contemporary Philosophy3038
PHIL 525Topics in History of Philosophy3038
PHIL 526Topics in Continental Philosophy3038
PHIL 527Philosophy of Law3038
PHIL 528Philosophy of History3038
PHIL 529Advanced readings in Hegel3038
PHIL 530Advanced readings in Kant3038
PHIL 531Issues in Metaphysics3038
PHIL 532Advanced readings in Heidegger3038
PHIL 533Issues in Philosophy of Technology3038
PHIL 534Issues in Philosophy and Psychoanalysis3038
PHIL 535Issues in Post-Structuralism and Deconstruction3038
PHIL 536Structuralism3038
PHIL 537Issues in Political-Economy3038
PHIL 538Advanced readings in Spinoza3038
POLS 501Advanced Seminar in International Relations3038
POLS 504Methodology of Political Science and International Relations3038
POLS 505Contemporary Issues of International Law3038
POLS 510Inter.Poli.of the Middle East3038
POLS 511Middle East Politics3038
POLS 512Pol.Econ.of the Middle East3038
POLS 513History,Culture and Religion in the Middle East3038
POLS 514Conflicts in the Middle East3038
POLS 515Late Ottoman Political History3038
POLS 516Islam and Politics3038
POLS 518Turkey and Europe3038
POLS 520Comparative Politics of Civil Society3038
POLS 530Advanced Seminar in Comparative Politics3038
POLS 531Advances Seminar in Pol.Theory3038
POLS 532Democratization: Theory and Practice3038
POLS 533Political Violence and Terrorism3038
POLS 534Identity, Ethnicity and Nationalism3038
POLS 535Media and Politics3038
POLS 536Comparative Revolutions3038
POLS 537Identity, Ethnicity and Conflict Resolution3038
POLS 538Political Thought in Classical Islam3038
POLS 551Theory and Pratice of Turk.Foreign Policy3038
POLS 552Comparative Foreign Policy Analysis3038
POLS 553Turkish Politics and Multiparty Democracy3038
POLS 554Contemporary Issues in International Political Economy3038
POLS 555International Security3038
POLS 556Emerging Global Powers3038
POLS 558Geopolitics of Energy and Environment3038
POLS 561European Politics3038
POLS 562Europe and the Middle East3038
POLS Russian Politics and Fore.Policy3038
POLS 564Politics of East Asia3038
POLS 566Issues in the Caucasian and Central Asian Politics3038
POLS the Balkans&Central and East Europe3038
POLS 568International Politics in Eurasia3038
POLS 569American Politics&Foreign Policy3038
POLS 570Conf.Analy.and Resolution3038
POLS 571Selected Topics in Political Science and International Relations3038
POLS 573Religion and Politics in Turkey3038
POLS 576Islamıc Political Thought in Turkey3038
POLS 581Reading in Ottoman Politcal Thought I0030
POLS 582Reading in Ottoman Politcal Thought II3038
POLS 584Politics and Society in China3038
SOC 501Classical Sociological Theory3038
SOC 502Contemporary Sociological Theory3038
SOC 503Qualitative Social Analysis3038
SOC 504Quantitative Research Methods and Multivariate Statistics3038
SOC 510Research Methods in Social Science3038
SOC 511Sociology of Everyday Life3038
SOC 513Gender and Culture3038
SOC 514Mapping Globalization: History, Structures and Challenges3038
SOC 515City and Culture3038
SOC 516The Chicago School and Urban Studies3038
SOC 518Istanbul: The Social Life of the Metropolis3038
SOC 519New Borders of Europe: Social Belonging, Identity and Europeanness3038
SOC 520Selected Topics in History and Society3038
SOC 522Comparative-Historical Methods3038
SOC 524Ottoman-Turkish Modernization3038
SOC 525Gender and Society3038
SOC 527Identity, Culture and Ethnicity in Turkey3038
SOC 528Fransız Devrimi3038
SOC 530Selected Topics in Society and Politics3038
SOC 531Ideology and Discourse Analysis3038
SOC 534Politics and Society3038
SOC 535Citizenship and Society3038
SOC 536Approaches to Collective Violence3038
SOC 537Conflict Resolution in Turkish Politics3038
SOC 538New Social Movements3038
SOC 539The Politics of Aesthetic Modernism3038
SOC 540Nation-State Formation in Turkey3038
SOC 542Sociology of Contemporary Turkish Society3038
SOC 545Ethnic and Religious Minorities in Turkey3038
SOC 547Migration and Demographic Change in Turkey3038
SOC 548International Migration in a Globalized World3038
SOC 555Culture, Change and Language3038
SOC 557Research Seminar on Concepts in Historical Change0038
SOC 560Europe, the Enlightenment and Modernity3038
SOC 562Sociology of the Middle East3038
SOC 564Society, Power and Justice in the Middle East3038
SOC 570Economy and Society3038
SOC 571Labor and Work in Contemporary Societies3038
SOC 572Sociology of Work and Organizations3038
SOC 573Population and Demographic Transition3038
SOC 574Sociology of the Welfare State3038
SOC 575Sociology of Family3038
SOC 577Directed Readings in Social Research I3038
SOC 578Directed Readings in Social Research II3038
SOC 580Sociology of Religion3038
SOC 581Religion and Politics in Turkey3038
SOC 582State-Religion Relationships in Contemporary Europe3038
SOC 584Sociology of Secularization3038
SOC 585Contemporary French Sociology3038
SOC 586Philosophy of Science3038
SOC 587Anthropology of Science and Technology3038
SOC 588The Genealogy of Modernity3038
SOC 589Hermeneutics3038
SOC 601Classical Sociological Theory3038
SOC 602Contemporary Sociological Theory3038
SOC 603Qualitative Social Analysis3038
SOC 604Quantitative Research Methods and Multivariate Statistics3038
SOC 610Research Methods in Social Sciences3038
SOC 616The Chicago School and Urban Studies3038
SOC 630Selected Topics in Society and Politics3038
SOC 638New Classes and Social Movements3038
SOC 640Nation-State Formation in Turkey3038
SOC 649International Migration in a Globalized World3038
SOC 662Formations of the Modern Middle East3038
SOC 671Labor and Work in Contemporary Societies3038
SOC 673Population and Demographic Transition3038
SOC 674Current Issues in the Study of the Welfare State3038
SOC 677Directed Readings in Social Research I3038
SOC 678Directed Readings in Social Research II3038
SOC 684Sociology of Secularization3038

Language Elective

KoduDersÖn KoşulTeoriU SaatKrediAKTS
ARAB 101Arabic I3035
ARAB 102Arabic II3035
ARAB 201Arabic III3035
ARAB 202Arabic IV3035
ARM 101Armenian3035
CHI 101Chinese I3035
CHI 102Chinese II0035
FRE 101French I0035
FRE 102French II0035
FRE 201French III3035
FRE 202French IV0035
GER 101German I0035
GER 102German II0035
GER 201German III3035
GER 202German IV3035
GRE 102Yunanca II3035
LAT 101Latin3035
LAT 102Latin II3035
MGRE 101Modern Greek I3035
MGRE 102Modern Greek II3035
OTM 101Ottoman Turkish I3035
OTM 102Ottoman Turkish II3035
PERS 101Persian I3035
PERS 102Persian II3035
RUS 101Russian I3035
RUS 102Russian II3035
RUS 201Russian III3035
RUS 202Russian IV0035
SPA 101Spanish I0035
SPA 102Spanish II0035