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Modern Türkiye Çalışmaları


KoduDersÖn KoşulTeoriU SaatKrediAKTS
--Methodology Cluster----38
--Program Elective----38
--Program/External Elective----38
--Program/External Elective----38


KoduDersÖn KoşulTeoriU SaatKrediAKTS
MTS 590Graduate Seminar3004
--Program Elective----38
--Program/External Elective----38
--Program/External Elective----38


KoduDersÖn KoşulTeoriU SaatKrediAKTS
MTS 599Master Thesis00052


KoduDersÖn KoşulTeoriU SaatKrediAKTS
MTS 599Master Thesis00052
Program Elective: Elective courses will be chosen among the courses offered by the graduate program of Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences.
External Elective: Courses offered within the Graduate Schools of the university.
Modern Turkish Studies MA program comprises of eight courses including seminar (21 credits and 120 ECTS) and a MA thesis. Students are required to get one course from methodology cluster and six courses from program elective cluster and a seminar. Students are allowed to receive up to four external elective courses. Turkish language courses highly recommended to the international students.

Students are obligated to write a MA thesis of a reasonable length to receive the MA degree. MA thesis will be undertaken either in the spring or summer semester.

Students must score a minimum of 3.00 grade point average (GPA) to graduate.

Title awarded: Master of Arts (M.A.) The degree is awarded upon successful completion of the program’s requirements.
Total credits: 21 credits, equal to 120 ECTS.
Total Courses: Eight Courses - Three required (two program elective, one course from methodology cluster), four program elective/external elective and a seminar.
Methodology Cluster: Courses listed in the methodology cluster section. Students are required to complete at least one course from the methodology cluster.
Program Elective: Courses offered by the program and other courses listed in the program elective group.
External Elective: Courses offered by the graduate programs of Istanbul Şehir University.
Duration of studies: Four semesters - two years.
Language of instruction: English.

Thesis Format: The thesis must be min. 25.000 and max. 35.000 words in all cases excluding appendices and notes of reference.
1,5 line spaced, 12 point-type and justify, use Calibri font) paper with page numbers on the right side and footnotes (if needed).
• A page borders which should be 2,5 with each sides.
The word limit excludes appendices and footnotes, references and bibliography. Footnotes should not exceed 20% of the thesis. Discursive footnotes are generally discouraged, and under no circumstances should footnotes be used to include material that would normally be in the main text, and thus to circumvent the word limits. Statistical tables should be counted as 150 words per table. Only under exceptional circumstances, and after prior application, will the coordinator allow a student to exceed these limits. A candidate must submit, with the thesis, a statement signed by her or himself attesting to the length of the dissertation. Any thesis that exceeds the limit will be referred back to candidate for revision before being forwarded to the jury.

Students are required to complete one course from the methodology cluster.

Program Elective

KoduDersÖn KoşulTeoriU SaatKrediAKTS
CULT 536Neoliberal Transformation in Turkey3038
HIST 501Historiography in Global Perspective3038
HIST 502Modern Historiography3038
HIST 510Approaching Ottoman History3038
HIST 515Late Ottoman Intellectual History3038
MTS 501Issues In Turkish Politics3038
MTS 502Democracy and Its Problems in Turkey3038
MTS 503Late Ottoman Political History3038
MTS 511Law and Politics in Turkey3038
MTS 512Political Thought in Modern Turkey3038
MTS 513Religion and Politics in Turkey3038
MTS 514Neoliberal Transformation in Turkey3038
MTS 515Islamist Political Thought in Modern Turkey3038
MTS 516Politics,Religion&Society in the Mid.East3038
MTS 534Identity Conflicts and Their Resolution3038
MTS 542Sociology of Contemporary Turkish Society3038
MTS 543Sociology of Center Right and Left Politics in Turkey3038
MTS 544Identity, Culture and Ethnicity in Turkey3038
POLS 501Advanced Seminar in International Relations3038
POLS 516Islam and Politics3038
POLS 520Comparative Politics of Civil Society3038
POLS 530Advanced Seminar in Comparative Politics3038
POLS 532Democratization: Theory and Practice3038
POLS 551Theory and Pratice of Turk.Foreign Policy3038
POLS 552Comparative Foreign Policy Analysis3038
POLS 553Turkish Politics and Multiparty Democracy3038
POLS 570Conf.Analy.and Resolution3038
SOC 511Sociology of Everyday Life3038
SOC 524Ottoman-Turkish Modernization3038
SOC 527Identity, Culture and Ethnicity in Turkey3038
SOC 537Conflict Resolution in Turkish Politics3038
SOC 540Nation-State Formation in Turkey3038
SOC 545Ethnic and Religious Minorities in Turkey3038
SOC 547Migration and Demographic Change in Turkey3038
SOC 581Religion and Politics in Turkey3038
Students are required to complete two courses from the above list.