Modern Türkiye Çalışmaları Merkezi - Müdürün Mesajı
It is my honor to contribute to the academic research on Modern Turkey, and my pleasure to be working with leading figures in the field at the Center for Modern Turkish Studies (CEMTS).

​​​​​Established in 2011, the Center for Modern Turkish Studies (CEMTS) is a unique institution offering a deeper understanding of critical issues of Modern Turkey with emphasis on its diversity and a focus on its global connections. We are honored to host prominent academics, researchers, scholars, intellectuals and practitioners specializing on the construction process, socio-political issues, and contemporary challenges of Modern Turkey.

CEMTS is one of the few academic institutions around the world employing multidisciplinary approaches from area studies, global politics, conflict resolution, security studies, cultural studies, identity politics, political sociology, literature, theology, and associated fields to produce comprehensive studies on the subject. Our Center is locally significant and global in its location, impact, and contributions.
Due to rich experience and intellectual capacities of the affiliated faculty of the Center for Modern Turkish Studies, our degree and non-degree/certificate programs based on a comparative and interdisciplinary curriculum in the social sciences and humanities enabling participants to effectively understand the intersection of politics, history, economics, and culture with an emphasis on Modern Turkey.
CEMTS has made great contributions to the field since its establishment in 2011. It has become a center of attraction for international researchers and scholars from diverse disciplines specializing on Turkey. Until 2017, CEMTS hosted 18 researchers from various countries including Armenia, Australia, Egypt, Germany, Iran, Italy, Serbia, Spain, UK and USA; working in diverse disciplines, such as music, education, regional studies and international relations among others. These researchers have made invaluable contributions to the academic environment at Şehir and enriched the academia in Turkey. As of today, five researchers funded by Türkiye Scholarships, TÜBİTAK, Erasmus+, Hrant Dink Foundation are conducting their research at the Center. Apart from researchers, we accept trainees for administrative works and academic activities.
We invite scholars interested in Turkish Studies to contact us or visit us for further information. Please make use of the abundant resources and features of this website, and frequently return to see the new program offerings, capabilities, and updates that we promise to make on an on-going basis. Please feel free to contact us, should you have any questions, inquires or comments. Your feedback is of great value to us.

We are looking forward to seeing you.

Prof. Gökhan Çetinsaya

Director, Center for Modern Turkish Studies