International Workshop Series on Migration
Mixed Migration Flows and The Changing Dynamics of Migration Research
15.12.2018 09:00
YER : Dragos Campus AB8
15 December 2018

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​CALL FOR PAPERS: International Workshop Series on Migration
Mixed Migration Flows and The Changing Dynamics of Migration Research
15 December 2018

The Workshop Series on migration seeks to provide a concentrated focus on a timely and important topic and aims to generate new inter- and multi-disciplinary insights and ideas on the theme of mixed migration flows and trends. In the face of growing extent and salience of mixed flows -complex population flows consisting of voluntary and forced migrants- it is becoming extremely difficult to identify the underlying causes of human mobility and decide whether people are fleeing poverty, environmental degradation, persecution, conflict and/or generalized violence.

Turkey, both as a destination and transit country, is affected by migration flows that are of a mixed nature, which reflect and reveal the complexity of contemporary human mobility. In the last three decades Turkey experienced a migration transition; a transition from being a predominantly migrant-sending country into a transit and immigration country for irregular migrants originating from the neighbouring regions. Furthermore, Turkey is hosting the largest refugee population in the world, mainly of Syrian origin, but also including Iraqis, Afghans and many others. Turkey has also become the fourth-largest recipient of individual asylum-seekers with 78,000 asylum applications in 2016. Therefore, we believe that Turkey offers a vibrant hub to discuss and analyze different dimensions and implications of mixed flows, not only targeting or passing through Turkey but also across the Euro-Mediterranean region.

In order to address the issue, we have planned three consecutive workshops: The first of the series of three consecutive workshops will be organized at Istanbul Şehir University in December 2018 to challenge current conceptualizations of forced and voluntary migration and to explore new conceptualizations and approaches with a view to grasp the complexity of mixed flows. This one-day interdisciplinary workshop will seek to question policy categories that are assumed to be fixed and natural and discuss new ways of analyzing migratory processes. Researchers at all academic levels and practitioners are invited to submit theoretical and empirical papers that address one of the following topics:
  • ​state of the art of the migration research,
    • shortcomings and challenges in migration research,
      • datasets, methodological and theoretical issues,​
    • promises and pitfalls of interdisciplinarity,
  • key concepts and categories in the migration studies,
    • migrant, irregular migrant, transit migrant, refugee, asylum-seeker, safe country of origin, safe third country, first country of asylum, international protection, temporary protection, internal displacement and development-induced displacement,
    • migrant smuggling, detention, migration management
Paper proposals should be submitted ONLINE FORM​.
General Chair: Suna Gülfer Ihlamur-Öner (Marmara University, Istanbul)
Program Co-Chair: Muzaffer Şenel (Center for Modern Turkish Studies, Istanbul Şehir University, Istanbul)
Program Co-Chair: Aslı Şirin-Öner (Marmara University, Istanbul)
Program Co-Chair: H. Deniz Genç (Medipol University, Istanbul)
Committee Member: Ulaş Sunata (Bahçeşehir University, Istanbul)
Committee Member: Metin Çorabatır (The Research Center on Asylum and Migration-ARCAM)
Committee Member: Selcen Öner (Bahçeşehir University, Istanbul)

We invite paper proposals from PhD students, early career researchers and senior academics. All prospective participants should submit a working title, an abstract (of no more than 300 words) for workshop presentations and a short bio by filling the form on the website . Proposals in English should be sent by 1 October 2018. Notifications of acceptance will be communicated by 15 October 2018.

Participation in the workshop is by invitation only. The workshop will be composed of two or three sessions. In each session, there will be three 20-minute presentations, followed by a 30-minute discussion. To facilitate discussion, accepted papers will be circulated among the participants before the workshop. Therefore, presenters will be asked to submit full papers in advance. Please note that the working language of the workshop is English. Full paper submissions must be written and delivered in English.

We plan to publish selected papers in an anthology or special edition of a journal.

Deadline for abstract submission:1 October 2018​
Abstract acceptance notification:15 October 2018
Preliminary programme will be sent to the contributors:
​30 October 2018
Registration deadline:
15 November 2018
Deadline for submitting full papers:1 December 2018
Workshop date:15 December 2018

The workshop will take place at the İstanbul Şehir University Dragos Campus AB8 Building. Further information on the venue logistics will be communicated to all confirmed participants.

There is no participation fee for the workshop. Due to limited funding available, we cannot cover any travel expenses of participants. However, we may provide accommodation for participants with no institutional funding for two nights at an on-campus guesthouse. The exact conditions will be provided with the confirmation of admission.

For any questions, please e-mail