Three Proposals for the Reinterpretation of the History of Ancient Philosophy
7.12.2017 15:00
YER : Library Meeting Room

This talk proposes a reinterpretation of three prevalent views of the history of ancient philosophy: 
(1) the talk criticizes Aristotle’s account of Thales according to which water is the material cause of all things and suggests an alternative interpretation. 
(2) It argues against the popular concept of the “Presocratics” and stresses the essential role of Protagoras as a turning point in the history of ancient philosophy. 
(3) The talk criticizes the widespread narrative that explains the rise of the new schools of the skeptics, Stoics and Epicureans through the decay of the polis in the Hellenistic age.

Prof. Manuel Knoll
İstanbul Şehir University, Department of Philosophy