Nietzsche on the Question of the Other Person(s)
7.05.2019 13:00
YER : Student Center, K101 Meeting Room
İstanbul Şehir University Department of Philosophy

Başak Keki
İstanbul Gelişim University 

The question of the other person(s) is a very controversial issue dividing Nietzsche’s reception. While harsh critics go ​so far as to blame him of endorsing callous egoism, sympathetic readers seek traces of justification and empathy in his texts. Nietzsche’s disdain for equality, his contempt for the “herd” morality based on compassion and pity, and his criticism of justice reinforce the idea of him advocating a ruthless mode of individualism lacking any concern for others. In my talk, I will argue that the question of the other person(s) is a crucial aspect of Nietzsche’s philosophical project underlying his conceptions of ethics and selfhood. After clarifying certain misconceptions about some of his notorious themes–particularly his notions of master and slave moralitie–, I will claim that even though the relationship with other/s is inextricably linked to the formation of selfhood, Nietzsche nevertheless endorses a critical re-evaluation of this relationship, dissociating it from empathy.