CALL FOR PAPERS: Foreign Policy Workshop
Turkish Foreign Policy and Arab Spring
11.05.2019 09:30
YER : Dragos Campus AB8
​CALL FOR PAPERS: Foreign Policy Workshop
Turkish Foreign Policy and Arab Spring
11 May 2019

While Turkey started to the membership negotiations with the EU, her relations with the Middle East and North Africa was also improving.  Turkey’s active policy to become a “trading state” increased the frequency of her economic interactions with the MENA states resulting in certain social and political implications. Turkey was portrayed as a “model” to be emulated by the regional countries on their way to transition from authoritarian to democratic states. The outbreak of the Arab Spring has brought many opportunities and challenges to Turkey. 

How did Turkey respond to these regional upheavals? Was Turkey’s response uniform or varied according to its regional preferences? How did policy-making elites read this phenomenon? Which factors triggered changes in Turkish foreign policy code of conduct? Were there – if there were – any economic ramifications for Turkey? How did Turkey respond to emerging state, non-state, and sub-state stakeholders in the region? Did Turkey follow a confident or cautious engagement strategy amidst Arab Spring? How did Turkey balance great power politics in the region while safeguarding its own interest as a regional power? 

The triggers of this changing policy and newly envisioned regional role for Turkey will be analyzed . This workshop aims to provide researchers and practitioners a platform to critically evaluate Turkish foreign policy in those year and present new research and developments in the area with reference to theoretical and policy-making aspects. 

The workshop seeks to examine the code of conduct of Turkish Foreign Policy during and after Arab Spring. The conference aims at examining Turkish relations in the light of challenges resulting from the Arab Spring. Furthermore, the conference seeks to address the lack of theoretical understanding emerging from the context itself as a part of a broader contribution to Turkish foreign policy studies and research.

The workshop invites papers around the following thematic fields:
  • ​Critical theoretical perspectives
  • Comparative perspectives
  • Regional, local and global implications
  • Vulnerabilities
  • Economic ramification
  • Narrative discourses
  • The role of the media
  • Non-state actors and their policies
  • Turkish NGOs during the Arab Spring

Assoc. Prof. Hasan Kösebalaban

We invite paper proposals from PhD students, early career researchers and senior academics. All prospective participants should submit a working title, an abstract (of no more than 300 words) for workshop presentations and a short bio by filling the form on the web site Proposals in English should be sent by 15 March 2019. Notifications of acceptance will be communicated by e-mail.

Participation in the workshop is by invitation only. The workshop will be composed of two or three sessions. In each session, there will be three 20-minute presentations, followed by a 30-minute discussion. To facilitate discussion, accepted papers will be circulated among the participants before the workshop. Therefore, presenters will be asked to submit full papers in advance. Please note that the working language of the workshop is English. Full paper submissions must be written and delivered in English.

We plan to publish selected papers in an anthology or special edition of a journal.

​Application deadline: 
​15 March 2019
​Notification of acceptance:
​1 April 2019
​Announce the schedule of workshop:
​20 April 2019
​Date of the Conference: 
​11 May 2019​


The workshop will take place at the İstanbul Şehir University Dragos Campus AB8. Further information on the venue logistics will be communicated to all confirmed participants. 

Participation fee: 100 TL for workshop