ŞEHİR Talks 8
Ottoman Historical Writing, An Intimate Journey
24.04.2018 15:00
YER : Konferans Salonu 151


Professor Rifa'at Abou-El-Haj
Ph.D., Princeton University

Rifa'at Abou-El-Haj is emeritus Professor in History of the Ottoman Empire. He received his Ph.D. from Princeton University, and taught at California State University-Long Beach, Princeton University as Ahmet Ertegün Visiting Professor, and at Binghamton University (SUNY). He is the author of two books, co-editor and contributor to a third book, more than twenty-five articles, and more than thirty book reviews. His book, Formation of the Modern State: The Ottoman Empire Sixteenth to Eighteenth Centuries is the most acclaimed and paradigm shifter book in the Ottoman studies. His second book is The 1703 Rebellion and the Structure of Ottoman Politics, and third book he edited is named The Ottoman City and its Parts: Urban Structure and Social Order. Besides, he has published chapters in various books. Abou-El-Haj's major interests are early modern, modern European, Near Eastern and North African history with an emphasis on political economy, culture, the study of comparative history, comparative historiography, and the critical evaluation of postmodernism and post-colonial studies. His research interests and publications are in the history of the Ottoman Turks and the Arabs and their cultures. His main frame of approach to the history is “focused on the social processes that produce multi-cultural societies where differences are mutually forged and symbiotically achieved for the purposes of minimizing and resolving conflict.”  Last year, Professor Abou-El-Haj received "MESA Mentoring Award" as a recognition of his lifelong commitment to mentorship "in every sense of the word".